Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring Skirts 2011

How can we describe the spring 2011 look? Romantic floral prints, maxi dresses and bohemian skirts, bathing 70-inspired flying thin, cute accessories, but all time classics and faithful are the most desirable in the recent collections of this season. See and be ready to enter the exciting world with lots and lots of beautiful flowers!
In the nucleus of the trends we have seen whether there are some who seem to stand out more, there are fabrics and colors that are used obsessively, like wool or knitting, as well as color season, women skirts and dresses which are the most popular in this season.“God Created Woman”, so here you can find fine motto for the season’s most feminine collection. 50-s returns with bewitching dress exuding femininity Ultimate Touch. Floral skirts with sexy pointy-toed flat shoes with bows innocent parts that we do reflect on the nature of Betty in “Mad Men”. The celebration of femininity, the spring 2011 collection is a perfect expression of cool retro influences susceptibility and showed the classic beauty and almost invisible tail glossy makeup.
Pastel colors and tones selected are classic black, lime green, pearl gray, and a lot of brown. As for accessories, you cannot forget the doctor’s bag, to rethink the classic, leather gloves and cute shoes that are ideal for reaching comprehensive and attractive female figures.
So, if you want a spring skirt then go for a floral design, because these designs come with natural beauty. Have your own natural look.

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