Sunday, 24 April 2011

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup becomes a fashion now a day’s because it increase your look and at the same time it makes you hot and sexy. It suits on every face, it appear in a dramatic tone and draw intention your eyes. Smokey eyes have been in vogue for some time now and no sign of disappearing. The most important aspect of creating the effective Smokey Eyes is exact combination of colors used. This article gives step by step approach to create beautiful Smokey eyes.
1. Lash: You must start with a light shade concealer around the eyes and around the upper eyelid. This prevents the shadow from melting in the eyelid. He is also preparing to shadow, which should be applied.
2. Apply Eyeliner: Apply eyeliner just above the upper lash line and make eyelashes thicker bottom line. You can do this, from the middle and draw a line outside of the eye. In addition, you can line from corner to corner.
3. Adding shadows: At this point, you should use a tint brush or Q-Tip. Apply eye shadow with a brush or Q-Tip and spots to get a complete view of Smoky.
4. Easier to basics: At this point, you should use the darker shade. Lighter shade should be a neutral tone (e.g., cream).
5. Mixing dark: Brush should be used for a mixture of a darker color from your lash line to crease. This dark color should be mixed into the lash line so the eye goes glazing.
6. Clean Up: A shadow that has fallen under the eye should be wiped away from any area that had been washed cleaned with Q-Tip.
7. Apply your favorite mascara to create volumizing effect.
Additional Tips
Shadow is the best eyeliners. Use the eyeliner brush, and then use a wet brush with the dark eye shadow. This will create a bottom, clear lines.
Add put two or three coats of mascara on curled lashes will give you quite a dramatic look. Nude lips work best with Smokey eyes look.
Now look in the mirror and feel yourself much different with this Smokey makeup. Once you have then it is easy for you to wear it next time. Now go and enjoy.

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