Saturday, 23 April 2011

Indian Wedding Saree

Indian wedding series are a trendy fashion of all the time and the Indian method of dressing has always been a symbol of the brilliance and magnificence of the world. One of the most important events in human life is that of marriage. Indian wedding saris are becoming more attractive with flowers (especially red) with heavy embroidery and fabrics that exactly match your personality.Sari (also spelled as saree), a traditional garment worn by women in India, preference was given to brides in India since then. In fact, initially, in some parts of India, Sari was the only alternative is considered to be of Indian brides. Although the fashion has changed over time, many brides choose to wear a sari on their wedding day. Sari can give a Charm and elegance to a woman, is unsurpassed of any other garment, which is one of the many reasons why Indian brides now want to choose a costume.
Indian wedding saris can be classified according to regions where they are very popular such as eastern India, western India, northern India and southern India. In this country one of the most practical choices for wedding sires is silk sari. However, fashion is changing with time. Today, we find that the Indian wedding saris are made of fabrics like crepe, georgette, new fabrics, and satin-shamoi disheen as well. It also depends on your budget and personal preferences of the bride. However, one thing made sure that the Indian wedding sari decorated with stone work, heavy embroidery or other add-ons looks glamorous.
Red sari was the traditional choice for brides in India since ancient times. Color is considered very fortunate, and is particularly associated with marriage. However, at present, many brides also choose other color. They are yellow, purple, orange, brown, pink, gold, bow color, even brown. Even double-toned saris, in combination with pink- blue, yellow – green, green – brown or red – yellow are also in high demand for brides in this modern generation. So it is up to you what you wanna in your new choice.


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